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Alyssa F. Fenix (She/They)

LGBTQIA+ and Neurodiversity Affirming Diversity Trainer and Consultant 


About Me

Alyssa F. Fenix provides professional development and consultative services on providing inclusive and accessible supports to LGBTQIA+ Youth and Adults, Individuals with Disabilities, and their families. Her degrees in Psychology, Special Education, and LGBTQIA+ Studies, as well as her own experiences as a queer woman of color with a disability, are at the center of her work as she deconstructs barriers to inclusion in educational, healthcare, community, and workplace settings.

Her particular area of passion and expertise is in helping organizations look at the intersection of Disability and LGBTQIA+ identity and providing guidance in program development to the growing field need for supports.

Popular Workshops

Allyship & Accommodations: Not Just a Single Issue

Conversations around LGBTQ+ inclusive spaces are becoming increasingly critical when supporting neurodiverse populations and individuals with emotional disabilities. We’ll examine the growing incidence and overlap of LGBTQ+ identity with emotional and learning disabilities and how the intersections of Gender, Sexuality, and Disability impact supporting Special Education students and their families.



Experience You Can Trust

Professional Development and Trainings

- In person and Virtual workshop/training facilitation

- Live and Asynchronous Webinars

- Keynote and Public Speaking Engagements

Coaching and Consultative Services

Event and Program Coordination

- Policy and Procedural Reviews

- Case Management Guidance/Support/Troubleshooting

-Ongoing revision site lead support

- Designing Literature and Materials

- Inclusive Environment Enhancements

- Ghost Writing/ Professional Communication support

- Gender Sexuality Alliance Group Development

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